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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Storage

What to do with all the Cricut Cartridges?  There isn't enough room in the cottage for all the boxes, so I began a storage search to come up with solutions.  Here's what I discovered.

I ended up purchasing a couple of the ScrapCessories storage caddy and I was really pleased with the product.  Each caddy held 8 cartridges and there was room for the key insert and manual!  The more that I used it, I realized the cartridges were only organized when I finished scrapping for the day and I picked everything up.  I found I had cartridges all over the counter and nothing was in the storage.  While working on a project, I was always searching for a cartridge. 

More research was needed.  Then I found a You Tube video showing how to use ScrapCessories.  Hmmm...so 40 cartridges can fit in one caddy, by adding additional inserts.  Here's a picture of 16 cartridges in the caddy, but 3 more inserts could be added for the additional cartridges. (Note:  I noticed that Amazon is out of stock on some of the ScrapCessories items...for additional on-line stores try the links I have on my blog....Custom Crops and Scrapbook.com ) 

Now the question is:  "What to do with the key pads and manuals if I fill the caddies with cartridges?"  Sitting on the table was my Creative Memories Power Sort Compartment Box.  Would that work? Yes...everything fit inside perfectly and the plastic dividers identified each cartridge.  A total of 5 key pads and manuals fit in each compartment!  Depending upon which Power Sort Box you select 3, 6, or 12 compartments can be placed in the boxes.  A total of 15, 30, or 60 key pads and manuals can be stored in one container!!!  One could always remove 2 compartment boxes from the 12 compartment Power Sort Box and use the ScrapCessories insert.  Just a note...the Power Sort 3 and 12 compartment boxes are listed on-line as "while supplies last."   

I also want to share a storage idea that I found on a Cricut Blog.  Shannon Channyne's Cricut Cart Storage Idea  Click on Shannon's link for more information on how to create this storage container. 

Have fun organizing!!!!

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