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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Printable Internet Coupons and Web Sites

FYI...I am a rookie at couponing, but I would like to share the learning curve with you!!!  There is an art to saving money with coupons.  Feel free to comment and share tips, because I can use all kinds of help with my new adventure in saving money!

At the end of this note, I have listed some of the coupon sites that I use.  Through trial and error I have learned that many coupon web sites use the same resources listed below.  It is exciting to think I have found a new resource for coupons, only to learn the "new site" has downloaded the same coupons.

Most web sites will allow you to print at least two coupons per computer.  As soon as I see a coupon that I want, I print it. 

Usually I try to print at least three different coupons per page or if I print only one coupon, the company places advertising to fill up the piece of paper.  Since I print in color the advertising uses up too much ink.  Some coupon clippers print in grayscale...I haven't tried that yet, because I a afraid the clerks with think the Internet coupons were copied.  It is illegal to copy coupons.

Legitimate Internet coupons state they are manufacturer's coupons and they will have a scanning code, bar code (each coupon will have its own number), and address for the store to redeem coupons.

Also, some stores do not accept Internet coupons.  In the Sawyer County area, Marketplace Foods (Hayward and Rice Lake) is one of the stores.  At the same time, Gordy's County Market, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Family Dollar accept Internet coupons.  If I am going to use an Internet coupon, I go to the stores web site and print a copy of their policy.  This is handy information if you are at a store and the clerk is unfamiliar with the policy.

Here are the coupon sites I use:


Red Plum

Smart Source

Coupon Network

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