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Friday, December 2, 2011

Investigating Fabric Scarf Patterns: Part I

Good Morning...I am on a mission today to find a free fabric scarf pattern. Here is how my story began.  While shopping at a local mall I noticed, at the Hollister Store, flannel shirts were popular. The comfy, plaid shirts reminded me of my Dad who passed away in 2005.  Then I started thinking...I could recreate Dad's favorite fabric by sewing a plaid, flannel scarf! So, today I am searching for free scarf patterns.  Here we go...

The first scarf is sewn from warm and cozy flannel fabric.  Perfect for a chilly winter day!  Remember to wash, dry, and press the fabric before cutting it out.  This free pattern is courtesy of Amy Butler.

Amy's blog had another pattern for sewing a sash with beaded fringe.  Enjoy wearing the sash as a scarf!

Click here for Amy's Sash Pattern.


On to the next scarf...this pattern I found at About.com. from Debbie Colgrove. Gauze, homespun, or loosely woven fabric are needed to create the tied fringe at the bottom edges of the scarf. Check your local fabric store for a discount coupon on the purchase of fabric...there are some great sales available.  You will need 2 1/2 yards of fabric, which makes two scarfs.

To learn more about Debbie Colgrove, click on her bio to learn more about this seamstress, who began sewing at age eight. 

PS:  Here are some links to fabric stores in Northern WI

Here is an easy Linen-and-Lace Scarf...a serger is needed to finish the fabric edges. Directions for this sassy, summer scarf can be found on MyEvaForeva Blog by Jenya.

 Click here for the Linen-and-Lace Summer Scarf Pattern

Looking for a fun scarf with ruffles?  Dana's blog, called HOME, is an excellent resource for a light-weight flirty ruffled scarf. Dana makes two versions of the scarf...one pattern uses elastic thread and the other pattern incorporates a thread gathering technique. 

  • In the thread gathering technique I prefer to pull only the bobbin thread. I find the threads tend to knot more when both the top and bottom threads are pulled.  

  • Also, Dana mentions "stay stitching" and I think she means back or reverse stitching, which would secure the threads.

Click here for Dana's Summer Scarf Patterns

 Enjoy Kristie's Summer Scarf from Above the Clouds Blog

What fun I am having finding all the scarf patterns!!!  There will definitely be a "Part II Investigation."  So many ideas on are the web.  Can't wait to start sewing and trying some of the patterns.

Take care,


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