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Saturday, December 31, 2011

More New Year's Eve Decorating Sites

Searching for New Year's Eve decorating ideas was so much fun yesterday, that I decided to continue with my quest.  I definitely need to go shopping for clearance Christmas ornaments!

Texture is the design principle, 
which makes this decoration work.

Your Home Based Mom


New Year's Eve Goodie Bags.

Hoosier Homemade
I really like the New Year's Eve Goodie Bags, but...they are too casual for the theme. So, instead of brown paper bags, use metallic bags.  The clock background can be cut out of pearlescent card stock paper and the numbers can be created by using ready made stick-on numbers. Fold over the top edge of the bag, punch a couple of holes, and tie a classy, satin ribbon.  Taadaa!!!

Vintage record bowls...what a great idea for New Year's Eve decorating!

 The black, shiny bowls would be perfect for holding party supplies: strands of beads, noise makers, and blowouts.  For instructions on making the bowls, check out the two blogs linked below:


 Black, White, Silver, and Gold is the Theme.

Multiply Delicious

Multiply Delicious

Sparkling Crystal with the Clean Look of White.
Corbis Images
 An inexpensive way to copy this New Year's Eve look is to shop at a thrift shop.  There are so many missed-matched stemmed glasses available...for under $1.00!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!


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