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Coupon Clipper

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Hello Couponers,

During the summer of 2011 I started coupon clipping to save money.  I have always been a sale shopper when it came to shopping for clothes and household items, but I didn't clip coupons for groceries or household items.  Guess it seemed I was throwing away more Sunday coupons than I clipped.  My story changed when I retired...

This summer I decided to read TONS of blogs and articles about how to save money clipping coupons.  Understand that I didn't want to be an "extreme couponer"...just someone who saves money when grocery shopping.  So, throughout the year I will be sharing my story with you.  Feel free to share The Tranquillity Cottage Blog with friends and family....on the home page there is a link to be a follower too.  Love to hear your comments on couponing.  What great coupon deals have you experienced?

Every Tuesday...let's call the day "Terrific Tuesday"...I will blog about my experiences as a "Coupon Clipper."  Check out The Tranquillity Cottage Facebook Page for current coupons and sales.

Take care,

PS: Hope you enjoy some of the archived stories....


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