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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kyle's Log Cabin Quilt

In the 80's I decided to sew my first quilt.  Using strips of fabric, I started my mission to create a log cabin design...should be easy to sew straight seams together!  Years went by and I was still working on this quilt for my son, Kyle, who progressed from a twin to a queen bed and decided that green was his favorite color.  (The original quilt was blue and beige.) No problem...I just added more log cabin squares to the quilt with a color scheme of green, gray, blue and beige.  Actually, I liked this color scheme better.  When I first started sewing the quilt, the "matchy" colors created a dull quilt.  Sporadically I continued to sew log cabins.

During the next twenty years, I sewed using a variety of sewing machines and I always used the edge of the presser foot as my seam guide.  Finally, Kyle was in his later 20's and getting impatient for his quilt.  All the log cabin squares were completed, but there was one major problem...the squares varied from 8" to 10"!!!  I called up a friend, with a positive outlook, and Deb came for a weekend of sewing.  I was so frustrated, but Deb made sure I kept on task.  How could I possible finish this quilt?!?!

Well, I decided to cut all the squares the same size and sew them within a square.  It worked!  The top was finished.  Next, we drove to the UP of Michigan to drop off the quilt top and have Deb quilt it.  A few weeks later the quilt was finished...I will admit to sewing the binding on the morning of my son's wedding.  It was a mission, but I was proud to present my first quilt to Kyle and anxious to have this pattern published.


PS  I am now the proud owner of a 1/4" quilting foot...I have learned much!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilting Memories

Today I came across these pictures of a quilt I sewed a few years ago for a wedding gift.  Have to love the Civil War Reproduction fabrics...


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