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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cards for the Soldiers

A month ago I asked my card making friends if they would like to create blank Mother's or Father's Day cards for the soldiers. I would box up the cards and mail them to a former student, Kyle, of mine who is in the service. Kyle would then distribute the cards at his base, so that soldiers could mail the cards to their parents.

A Close to My Heart Consultant, Bobbi Jo, has organized crops to send cards to her son, Joey, who was in the service.  Bobbi Jo was my inspiration. 

It was so exciting to receive the first brown envelope in the mail!!!  This package was from a high school friend, Janette, and as I slowly opened up the envelope I couldn't believe how beautiful the cards were!  Janette kindly let me share pictures of the cards. For the next couple of weeks I will have pics of Janette's cards on this blog. Enjoy...


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