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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birds Eye Veggie Coupons

Link to Birds Eye on Facebook and click "Like."  Next, play the game, "Veggie Powered Plate."  After playing the game, you will be able to print a $1.00 coupon off any 2 Birds Eye or Birds Eye Steamfresh variety of frozen vegetables.  Click on the back arrow and refresh the page to print another coupon.

If you shop at Gordy's County Market (Sept. 25 to Oct. 3) a package of 12 oz. veggies are 10 / $10.00.  If you use two of $1.00 coupons (maximum number to print on one computer), the final cost for 10 bags will be $8.00 or $.80 a bag. A total of five, $1.00 off if you buy 2, product coupons, could be used for this offer...if you have coupons from other resources.)

Update:  Look in today's (Sept. 25, 2011) Sunday paper (Smart Source) there is a $.50 off coupon for one package!!!  See if your neighbors are throwing out their coupons, because you could use 10 coupons...final cost $.40 per bag.  The coupon states, "One coupon per purchase."  That means you can use one coupon for each bag of veggies that you buy.  What a deal!!!

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