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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craftsy Free Patterns

Brrr...it is cool and windy outside today!  Perfect day for cleaning the cottage, where I quilt, scrapbook, sew, and create cards.  It is been such a crazy summer, so I haven't spent much time in my cottage...bummer.  Hopefully, the fall season will allow me the pleasure of my hobbies.  Today is the day I tackle cleaning and organizing.  Wish me luck!!!

For those of you who are ready to start working on fall projects, http://www.craftsy.com/ is a site with "for sale" and "free" patterns.  Here's the steps to finding the quilting patterns. After you log on, click on Projects, Quilting, and Patterns. Next, select the pattern category that interests you.  Scroll down to see the 172 free patterns that are currently available.  You can also link to their blog at http://blog.craftsy.com/.  I just read an excellent article called, "Why Can't All Patterns Be Free?"  Hope you enjoy this site.


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