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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ekkkkk...Halloween Decorating Ideas

When I woke up this morning, turned on the TV, and began watching the CBS (click here for video) morning news, I was excited to recreate the clever Halloween decorating ideas!  Hmmmm...I wondered what other projects were on the Internet?  Time to search.  Listed below are some links that I found.  Enjoy. 

Do you know of other sites for indoor fall decorating ideas? Are you willing to share your ideas? It would be great if, in the comments, you shared the link!!!  Thanks.  

Happy Halloween.

The Diary of a Crafty Lady

Thanks Lindsay, from The Diary of a Crafty Lady, for the humorous "Smashed Witch" project. 
Check out Lindsay's Blog for more Halloween ideas.


Martha Stewart

Love the pic, from the Martha Stewart Web Site, of black bats on the white walls!!!

 Country Living Magazine

Here's another bat decoration idea from Country Living Magazine.  They suggest making the stencil our of black felt.  What a scary look for the front door!

Thrify Decor Chick 
Want to do some fall decorating, but you aren't interested in Halloween Decorating?  Thrifty Decor Chick is an excellent site for cozy, but classy fall decorating.  While you are at  Sarah's blog, take time to explore The Thrifty Decor Chick Blog since there are many fantastic decorating ideas! 

Better Homes and Gardens

OK...I know the title is "indoor decorating," but I couldn't resist the Great Pumpkin sitting on the bench! 

The Great Pumpkin is tired of those nasty ol' crows!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Collage Print at Walgreens!

Interested in a free collage print of your quilts, family, or favorite vacation prints?  You can select any pics you want...what fun!!!  Adventure to the Walgreen's site (there is a link below the pictures.)  This offer is good until October 22, 2011.  What pics should I select????  


Friday, October 14, 2011

Free McCalls Branches-Entwined Quilt Pattern

For Free McCall's Quilt Pattern Click Here

Love the look of this appliqued antique pattern called, "Branches- Entwined," from the McCall's Quilters How-To Workshop 
Magazine! A how-to section, on the web site, provides information on sewing scalloped borders. If interested in the applique pattern pieces, they are available in the magazine.

Eco-Chic...Free Lunch Sack

Check out the organic section at your local grocery store to find a coupon booklet with discounts on Annie's Homegrown Products, Stonyfield YoKids, Honest Kids, and Seventh Generation.  I found my coupons at Marketplace Foods.  After you have purchased one items from all four brands, complete the mail-in coupon for a 100% recycled cotton lunch sack.

Click here for mail-in form to receive your free lunch sack!


Reading is Sweet...Free Cookie When Donating a Book

This offer has ended.

 Click on the link for more information: 


Check out the Tranquillity Cottage Facebook Page for savings....

Chilly and rainy...what a perfect day to check out web pages for sales, rebates, and coupons!!!  Go to my Tranquillity Cottage Facebook Page to see links on savings.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Steps to Couponing: Sheet Protectors

Hello Everyone

Thought I would share more information on organizing the coupon binder...hope some of my tips are helpful.  When I first started clipping coupons, I spent much time viewing blogs for ideas on how to get organized, until I found what worked best for me.  
An excellent source for beginners is:  The Krazy Coupon Lady, "Ten Days to Become a KCL."  
Feel free to comment on my suggestions and offer some tips of your own!!! 

Getting Started:
As a beginner at couponing, I cut out any coupon I could get a hold of and I placed them into a Case It Binder.  After the first shopping trip, I realized this technique didn't work for me, since I had too many coupons that I didn't use.  So, I started placing MIC (most important coupons) into sheet protectors and organizing the coupons in the Case It Binder.  MIC are Internet / magazine / newspaper coupons of products commonly used in our household.

The three types of sheet protectors that I use are: baseball card, full-sheet, and three pocket top loaders.  Since my coupon binder takes much wear and tear, I prefer the heavy duty sheet protectors.

 Baseball Card Sheet Protectors
The baseball card sheet protectors work well for coupons cut from magazines. I do not place any coupons on the back of the page, because it is too hard to remove the coupons.
Three Pocket, Top Loading Page Protectors ~ My Favorite 
I prefer the heavy duty protectors, since they stand up to much use.  Also, I purchase the top loading style and I do place the coupons back-to-back.  For my first binder I purchased 50 sheet protectors, but I wish I would have purchased more.

Avery #81824
Double Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers
My favorite divider for binders!!!  Not only are these dividers large enough so one can see the tables beyond the sheet protectors, but there are pockets to hold sheets that need to be cut or other important papers.
The 5 tabs give enough room for writing the coupon titles.  The titles that work for best me are: Bakery, Beverages, Canned Food, Cleaning Supplies, Condiments, Convenience Foods, Cooking and Baking Supplies, Frozen, Fresh Fruit & Veggies, Health & Beauty, Paper & Plastic, Refrigerated, School & Household, Snacks, Magazines & Toys. (I would suggest separating the duo titles if you have many coupons in each of the categories,  but at the time I didn't have any more dividers.)

 On the right side of the binder I place the MICs...remember to use the velcro strap, because the rings on the binder have a tendency to open up when I carry it by the handle.  What's in the pocket?

I keep a small scissor, pencil, and calculator in the pocket.  Storing a  Post-It Pen in the pocket  is great for writing your grocery lists and the Post-Its are helpful to mark the Walgreens books which identify the coupons one will use.

What's on the left side of the binder?
The divider tabs are labeled with names of stores (example: Target and Walgreens) that have in-store coupons.  Notice the envelopes?  I write my grocery list on the envelopes and I place the coupons inside.

 Full-sheet page protectors are useful in keeping the stores' policies.

Hope these tips help make your couponing experience a success!!! 


Monday, October 10, 2011

Progresso Soup Rebate


Friday, October 7, 2011

Joann Fabrics and Crafts 20% Coupon

Sale has ended...

Columbus Day Sales are happening at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores on October 7 - 10, 2011. Use this link to go to their web site: Joann's Web Site for in-store or Internet sales.  Below is a 20% off coupon for regular and sale-priced items that is good during the sale.  Have fun shopping!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bengay Coupon

Save $3.00 on one Bengay Cold Therapy Product.  Print two coupons, because the expiration date is 1/3/2012!  Hopefully, there will be a future BOGO ad on this product.

Also, on the same web site there is a $2.00 manufacturer's coupon to save on any one Bengay Product!

Looks like Walgreens, according to the Coupon Divas, will be having a sale on Bangay on Oct. 9-15.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Recipe of the Day: Bat Bites

Had to share this recipe that I just saw in a magazine, 
even though it hasn't been reviewed yet.  
The bats are so darn cute!!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Free Christmas Stocking Patterns...Maywood Studio

Is it too soon to be thinking of Christmas?  According to "Days Until Christmas" there are 85 days to finish your holiday gifts.  One could always make the gift for Christmas 2012...then you have 451 days!!!  To provide incentive here are some free stocking patterns from Maywood Studio (click on here for link.).  Once you are at the Maywood Studio site, click on the "Quilts and Patterns" button.  Then you will see the button for the free patterns. Enjoy!

Can't wait to see some of the finished projects.  Feel free to attach a link on the comments!!!


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