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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crocheting with Heidi Bears

African Flower Crochet Hexagon Pattern
Heidi Bears' African Flower Crochet Hexagon

As I was searching the web today, I came across a crochet tutorial from Heidi Bears.  Her colorful yarns, creative crochet patterns and easy-to-follow directions enticed me to further explore the post on African Flower Crochet Hexagons.  Since my experience in crocheting is limited, I am anxious to learn how to make hexagons.

I first started crocheting in 1972 during a seven hour bus trip to college.  As I boarded the bus, I had a pattern with instructions on how to crochet a Granny Square, a crochet hook, and yarn.  I was determined to complete at least one Granny Square before arriving at my destination.  Trust me...it took the whole seven hours to figure out the instructions!!!  I was so proud of my master piece.  

Now I am excited to try Heidi's hexagon design! 

On Heidi's blog there is also a tutorial on joining the hexagons together. Follow this link for the tutorial...click here.

Joining the hexagon crochet pieces together.


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